Young Professionals

Young Professionals (YoPros)

Adult-ing can be hard and no one should have to do it alone!

Covenant Young Professionals ministry is all about young professionals growing in their relationship with Jesus through studying scripture, being an engaged part of the church, fellowshipping with one another, and praying together.  “They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42

Young professionals is a season of life between college and family life. Here are a few characteristics that describe young professionals…

  • People in the age range of 23 – 35 either in the workforce or pursuing a job
  • People post-college and figuring out their next steps, or seeking a job
  • People in graduate school
  • People who are single, married, and have young children

Why “making disciples who make disciples”?

Covenant Young Professionals ministry is committed to discipling people during this season of life which can be full of transition.  We are also engaged in equipping others to disciple people in their career field, graduate program, families, etc.

Jordan Sheets

YoPros: Chanas home: Monday @ 7:30-8:30 pm
1/13 – 5/25

Young adult life can be tough, but having a community can make it a little easier. We’re a group of young professionals, early in our careers, or grad school, studying God’s word together.

Led by Tyler Chanas: tylerchanas@gmail.com or 865.209.5062

YoBros: Bland home: Tuesday @ 7-8:30 pm
1/21 – 5/5

Life as a young professional can be complicated, to say the least. We’re a group of young professionals doing life together and committing to studying God’s word together. This group is a co-ed group for post-college young adults, both singles and married couples

Led by Joe Bland: blandj@ecu.edu or 252.802.1553

YoPros: Sheets home: Wednesday @ 7:30-9 pm
1/15 – 5/6

Adult-ing is hard and no one wants to do it alone. Yo-pros’ is a co-ed group of young adults in graduate school, somewhere in the age range of 23-35 year’s old, or post-college. This group consists of both single and married people – even couples with young children While this season of life can be full of transitions and challenges, studying God’s truth and having community makes everything so much better.

Led by Octavio Flores: theonlyoct@gmail.com or 252.717.8684 and Emily Flores: mrsemilyflores@gmail.com or 252.864.1198.

YoPros: Ishak / Clifton home: Thursday @ 7:30-9:30 pm
1/9 – 5/21

Don’t do life alone! In this group, we will study scripture by using the inductive method through observing what we see, interpreting the text and applying it to our everyday lives.

Led by Bekah Ishak: Rebekah.ishak@gmail.com or 201.968.6971 and Coley Clifton: cliftonn11@ecualumni.edu or 631.766.6145.


Events are where we live, laugh, and move forward together. Here is what’s coming up.

Dinner and Game Night

La Ribera at 6:30 pm and game night to follow
Contact Bekah Ishak: Rebekah.ishak@gmail.com or 201.968.6971 and Coley Clifton: cliftonn11@ecualumni.ecu.edu: 631.766.6145 for more details.