It all begins here.

At Covenant, we want everyone to feel plugged-in, planted and flourish. We realize this isn’t going to happen for everyone automatically. That is why we have created an experience called Starting Point. This is a one-time, 90-minute, laid-back, yet inspiring experience designed to help connect you to Jesus and to the people at Covenant, and it includes lunch for free!

At Starting Point, we will introduce you to a Host who is committed to your connection within the life of Covenant. The goal of this experience is to help you grow and thrive as part of this church family. This experience is also the first step towards membership at Covenant.


  • Sunday, January 27th from 12:30-2pm in B-102
  • Sunday, March 17th from 12:30-2pm in B-102
  • Sunday, May 19th from 12:30-2pm in B-102