The library in Bldg B is being moved to House 3 in July. The library is open but we have started packing the books.

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Covenant Church’s library is located at the Winterville Campus and holds over 20,500 books, 280 audio books, 890 DVDs and 600 CDs. The main library is located upstairs in Bldg B, rooms 200 & 202. Additional library resources are on display and available for check-out in the worship center lobby (at the bottom of the stairs) and group resources are located in House 3. The library is available during regular campus hours.

To check out a resource, just fill out the card located in the back of the resource. Include your full name, phone number/email address then, place the completed card in the basket (worship center lobby) or in the box on the desk (Bldg B). Checkout time is one month. You can drop off returned resources at any library location or at the return box located between the glass doors at the entrance of Building B. The library also accepts book and other resource donations at all locations.

If you have any questions concerning the library or a specific request for a new item, please contact library@covenant.cc.


01 Teen/Young Adult
02 Youth
03 Children
04 Marriage/Relationships
05 Parenting
06 Men
07 Women
08 Business/Finances
10 Christian Living/Spiritual Growth
11 Theology/Philosophy/World Religions
12 Evangelism/Missions/Salvation/Apologetics
13 The Church
14 Jesus and His Ministry
15 Holy Spirit
16 Heaven/Angels/Spiritual Warfare
17 Prayer/Fasting

18 Counseling/Healing/Trials/Grief
19 End Times/Prophesy
20 Reference
21 Commentaries
22 Bibles
23 Bible Studies
24 Devotionals
25 Holiday
26 Current Topics
27 Biography/True Inspirational Stories
28 Fiction/Poetry
29 Health and Fitness

Audio Books
Music CDs