West Greenville

An extension of our body.

That’s literally how the Bible describes followers of Jesus who are different from us. So why do we avoid parts of Greenville and marginalize residents as thugs, gang-members, or dangerous?

We are involved in the healing when we invite the Holy Spirit to illuminate ways we may unintentionally be contributing to ongoing hurts and we look for ways to proactively change/affect systems or empower residents.

  • For humility and the Lord’s guidance for the families and ministries who are living and working in West Greenville.
  • Time
  • Donate billable hours if you are a speech therapist, occupational therapist, counselor, or other resource provider
  • Financial or material resources to these partner organizations directly

Repair the Cycle of Fatherlessness


Third Street Education Center


600 W 3rd St, Greenville

Community Crossroads Center


207 Manhattan Ave, Greenville

Connect Community Center

1209 Breakfast Ministry

“The way God designed our bodies is a model for understanding our lives together as a church: every part dependent on every other part, the parts we mention and the parts we don’t, the parts we see and the parts we don’t. If one part hurts, every other part is involved in the hurt, and in the healing. If one part flourishes, every other part enters into the exuberance.” 1 Corinthians 11:25-27 (MSG).