Open Homes

Opening our homes — our castle, our sacred space, our privacy — to neighbors and strangers is one of the most exciting, yet quite possibly the most difficult, of our focus areas.

Open homes is one the most profound ways for us to love our neighbor — the last, the least, and the lost — as ourselves. The challenge that we need to overcome is internal, asking ourselves why we can be so reluctant to do so.

Is it fear?
Is it pride?
Is it feelings of inadequacy?

  • Ask the Lord to change all of us, to realize that what we have, especially our homes, were given to us to glorify Him and to make Him known.
  • Pray that the Lord will show us who in the community we need to reach out to, who to invite, and who to make friends with.
  • Pray that they will be open for relationships and community, and if they do not know the Lord, that He will prepare their hearts as we witness to them.

to ‘neighbor’

neighbors, communities

love thy neighbor

  • Reach out to your neighbors
  • Reach out in your places of Influence
  • Invite people for dinner or coffee
  • Share holiday meals and other special occasions
  • Assist with yardwork and other household needs

to ‘strangers’

refugees, immigrants, international students, and people from other ethnic groups

‘the foreigner among you’

Refugee Welcome Team

  • Apartment setup
  • Transportation
  • English tutors
  • Employment coaches

Contact: Taryn Crawford, 252.355.0123


  • Conversation partners
  • Tutors
  • Event supporters

Contact: Jan Fisher, 252.493.7213

International Students

  • Conversation partners
  • Tutors
  • Second family for holidays

Contact: Joe Cox, 252.355.0123

Caminando Juntos
Hispanic Bible Study

Contact:Anwar & Meredith Castillo

foster care & adoption

for longer periods of time

Opening our homes for a longer period of time allows us to care and nurture those who are helpless, including foster care and adoption. At its core, foster care and adoption are a gospel issue, not a government issue. Every kid in “the system” is a child created in God’s image, and each has either been abandoned, forgotten, or has been the victim of an extraordinary set of circumstances far beyond their control.

Make no mistake —
It is not easy. It is not trendy.
It is difficult, and engaging either will stretch you and your family in ways you never thought possible. But the gospel compels us to consider, to pray, to open our homes and our hearts.

There are quite a number of families in Covenant who have adopted, both internationally and domestically, or are currently engaged in foster care. If you’d like to know more about how to get started in this process, to talk to someone who’s doing it or has done it, or to learn about how to support people who are fostering or adopting, please let us know.

Not Forgotten Family Ministry
Adoption support group

Contact: Courtney Hinnant, 252.355.0123

Methodist Home for Children
Adoption, foster care, home preservation, vocational training

Service opportunities: working with children, special events, fundraising, and foster care/adoption

Contact Jennifer Garris, 252.916.9356

Dept of Social Services
foster and/or respite care

Contact: 252.902.1110,