Bekah Ishak
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
ECU, Greenville NC

David Wall
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Eastern NC

Trudy Halstead
God’s Love, Inc
Pitt & Beaufort Counties

David and Kathy Sawyer
With Purpose International
Greenville NC

Nathan White
Third Street Education Center
Greenville NC

Carmen Obi
Every Nation Campus at ECU
Greenville NC


Jason and Ericka Gates
Cru/Family Life
Little Rock AR

Matthew Lilley
Burn 24/7
Raleigh NC

Wade and Sharon Cox
Mercy Ships
Waco TX

Logan Maloney
UNC Summit College
Raleigh NC


Isidro and Lucy Mejia
House of Restoration Church
La Romana, Dominican Republic

Stephan and Mary Calhoun
Hellenic Ministries
Athens, Greece

Justin and Eva Macris
Hellenic Ministries
Athens, Greece

Richard and Amanda Coleman
TMS Global
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Selina Yamout
Church of Tyre
Tyre, Lebanon

Caroline Douglas
Bingham Academy
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ermias Abay
New Life Faith Ministries
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Bereket Nigatu
Hellenic Ministries
Athens, Greece

Bishop Saint*

G and S*

Brother John*

J and J*

*Due to security reasons, we cannot publish the names or locations of these partners. If you would like more information about our partners, please contact Jeremy Griffin at jeremyg@covenant.cc or 355.0123.

Missionary Care Team

The purpose of the missionary care team is to provide relational, spiritual and emotional support to our missionaries so that they are fully empowered to fulfill God’s missional calling on their lives. This team is not about helping missionaries raise financial support, but about helping missionaries know that they are relationally connected to and emotionally and spiritually empowered by Covenant Church. This team focuses on three things for missionaries. First, we think strategically about how more people at Covenant can be involved in missionary care. Second, we are relationally supportive of our missionaries. We intentionally plan ways to stay in touch with missionaries through texting, skyping, calling or other social media means. Last, we are advocating for missionaries. We will ‘go to bat’ so to speak for the missionary by promoting them in our small groups and getting others connected to and praying for them. We have 19 missionary units supported at Covenant, so we have lots of advocating to do!

Contact Jeremy Griffin at jeremyg@covenant.cc to get more information on how to serve on the Missionary Care Team.


Missionary Advocate Teams

We are in the process to create Missionary Advocate Teams (MAT’s) for each of our missionary units.  In a sentence, these teams, each with a point person, will care for and represent our missionary units by praying, contextually communicating, promoting, debriefing and listening to them.  

Click here to find more information about the MAT’s.  Please contact Jeremy Griffin at jeremyg@covenant.cc if you are interested in serving on one of these MAT’s.