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Through a significant discernment process, Covenant Church has chosen to pursue deep, meaningful partnerships in these five international areas as part of the Global Outreach Vision 2020:

Dominican Republic | Ethiopia | Greece | India | Lebanon + refugees


Dominican Republic

In 1998, Hurricane George brought catastrophic damage to the DR, forcing most of La Romana‘s poorest people to higher ground. This dramatic shift in people became what is now known as “Barrio George.” Since 2005, Covenant has sent well more than a couple dozen teams to the barrios of La Romana in partnership with the Free Methodist Churches of that city. Teams have primarily focused construction, medical and dental clinics, baseball clinics, physical therapy, prayer and support.


Pastors Isidro & Lucy Mejia, House of Restoration Church (map)
Children of Hope & Transformation (CHAT)



In October 2012, Covenant sent its first vision team to Ethiopia to begin the discernment process of whether this country would be a place for Covenant to pursue long-term, intentional focus and partnership. Since then, we’ve sent several short-term teams to partner with SIM and Frontiers, a 2-year missionary, and have even begun partnering with New Life Faith Ministries to plant churches in the region.


SportsFriends (SIM), Lake Langano
New Life Faith Ministries

SportsFriends (SIM)




Covenant’s partnership in Greece began in 2015 when our first vision team visited with leaders from Hellenic Ministries in Athens. We have since sent several teams to participate in Operation:Joshua bible distribution, Mercy Meals for refugees and homeless people, maritime ministry to island communities, and more. We also support two missionary couples: Justin & Eva Macris and Stephan & Mary Calhoun. And we had the high privilege of hosting Bereket Nigatu, an Ethiopian Greek, for a 6-month internship to help prepare him to serve on a church planting team in Greece.

Bereket Nigatu

Johnathan Macris, President of Hellenic Ministries, speaking at Covenant



After our first Vision team visited India in March 2016, it was clear that this was an area that we were to invest long-term into. In partnership with the India Gospel League, Covenant is most helping by supporting IGL’s “barefoot” church-planting pastors in the most remote, rural villages of India, as well as their efforts to serve the children and poor of their communities. We have also sent several teaching teams as part of IGL’s discipleship and training initiatives.

Nancy Dunn’s gift


Lebanon + Refugees

In light of the massive amount of turmoil, havoc, and displacement of people that was taking place in the Middle East, specifically the mass exodus of people from Syria into surrounding countries, Covenant knew it was an area of the world in desperate need of compassion and involvement. Thus, after the return of our Vision team in April 2015, we committed to focusing efforts on the Syrian refugee crisis, specifically getting involved with organizations and ministries in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. We have since sent numerous teams – medical and for VBS-type camps for refugee kids.


Church in Tyre

Ananias House

Holy Spirit School

Ananias House

Church of Tyre