Global Outreach Vision 2020

Global Outreach Vision 2020

To know God’s will and plan for our church in reaching out into our communities, cities and to the ends of the earth (cf. Acts 1:8, Matt. 28:18-20).

What we do, needs to come from who we are.  We reach out and are involved in missions, because we are missional (in light of a missional God).  As new creations in Christ, our whole being is focused on 3 aspects of our identity in Christ that Paul refers to in multiple passages; hope, love and faith (cf. 1 Cor 13, Col 1:5, 1 Thess 1:3, 1 Thes 5:8).  These three aspects also represent the past (faith in what God has revealed through the ages, culminating in Christ), present (our love for God and our neighbors) and future (the hope we have in Christ’s return and the restoration of all creation). We can translate these aspects of our Christ-identity into actions:

  • Faith – Witness
  • Love – Compassion
  • Hope – Care

We are therefore called to witness and proclaim Christ outwards through all three of these actions.

In searching God’s vision for Covenant Church, we believe that we are called to be obedient within our reach (our communities and cities within North Carolina) and outside our immediate reach (to the ends of the earth); or local and global outreach.

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See the Global Outreach Vision 2020 infographic


Focus Areas

We believe that God has called us to be involved in eight focus areas: three local and five international. As we develop relationships with our ministry partners in each of these areas, we understand more about our calling to each area.

Local Focus Areas

Open Homes

New Covenant Magazines focused on Open Homes:

January 2018

February 2017

August 2016

West Greenville

New Covenant Magazines focused on West Greenville:

February 2018

January 2017

January 2016

Community Transformation

New Covenant Magazines focused on Community Transformation:

March 2018

September 2016

International Focus Areas

Dominican Republic

New Covenant Magazines focused on the Dominican Republic:

March 2017

February 2016


New Covenant Magazines focused on Ethiopia:

July 2017

July 2016

October 2015


New Covenant Magazines focused on Greece:

June 2017

October 2016


New Covenant Magazines focused on India:

May 2017

June 2016

Syria and the Syrian Refugees

New Covenant Magazines focused on Syria and the Syrian Refugees:

April 2016