We presently are providing short-term mission trips to Kentucky, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

Kentucky Construction Team
April 4-9, 2022

Purpose: To engage in construction for the Lend-A-Hand Center.

Details: The team will go to further the mission of Lend-A-Hand, which is “To lend a hand and improve the quality of life of people in southeastern Kentucky through educational, spiritual, health, and social services” (https://lendahandcenter.wordpress.com). The team will continue one of their building projects. The team will host an evening outreach in a local church.  The team drives to Walker, KY on Monday and then work Tuesday-Friday. The team returns to Greenville on Saturday evening. This trip is purposefully designed for people who have a heart for the Appalachian region, and for people who are not comfortable flying on an airplane.

Hosting and Meals: The center will host the team and provide all meals.

Who Can Attend: Anyone. One does not need construction experience to attend. Team size limit is 14. We cannot hold spots on the team, therefore the first people who sign-up will be able to go if more than 14 sign-up.

Team Leaders: Jeremy Griffin, Josh Stewart

Recommended Immunizations: Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, COVID-19

Training Day: TBD 2022

Cost: $600

Applications due: Jan 31, 2022

Payment Schedule:

  • $100* due at the registration deadline
  • $600* (includes the deposit) due four weeks before departure

*Please note these fees are non-refundable.

Greece Team
May 27-June 5, 2022

This team will work with Second Evangelical Greek Church of Athens. The team will engage in feeding homeless people, ministering to refugees, working with youth, and doing outreaches in the community. The team will spend part of their time in Athens, and then fly to Chania.

All team members are required to wear K95 masks per Greece COVID-19 requirements. Vaccinations and mask wearing is mandated by the government.

Hosting and Meals:

In Athens the team stays in guest housing provided by the church. In Chania housing is arranged by Covenant Church.

The team eats Greek food consisting of Greek salad, pastries, chicken, beef, lamb, and French fries. All teams rave about excellent Greek food!

Who Can Attend: Anyone. Limited to the first eight applicants.

Leaders: Joe Cox, Taryn Crawford

Required Immunizations: COVID-19 (mandated by Greece government)

Recommended Immunizations: Tetanus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza

Training Day: TBD

Cost: $2,300 (dependent on airfare)

Applications due: January 20, 2022

Payment Schedule:

  • $100* deposit due by registration deadline (January 20)
  • $1,000* (including the deposit) due February 28, 2022
  • $1,600* due March 28, 2022
  • $2,300* due April 25, 2022

*Please note these fees are non-refundable.

Lebanon Medical Team
May 20-28, 2022

This team will meet the medical needs of Syrian Refugees. The team needs medical professionals (physicians, PA’s, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) as well as other adults and teenagers. The team will host a medical clinic.

Hosting and Meals: The local Lebanese food is excellent. Meals consist of chicken or beef and rice, hummus, salad, bread, cheese, shawarma, and a collection of choice side dishes.

Who Can Attend: Open to all teenagers and adults. Medical and non-medical professionals are welcome.

Team Leaders Jeremy Griffin

Recommend Immunizations: Tetanus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza, COVID-19.

Training Day: TBD

Cost (information provided about fundraising): $1,800 (dependent on airfare)

Applications due: Feb 15, 2022

Payment Schedule:

  • $100* deposit due by registration deadline
  • $600* including the deposit due March 10
  • $1,800* due 60 days before departure

*Please note these fees are non-refundable.

Dominican Republic
Physical Therapy and Student Ministries Team
July 30-Aug 6, 2022

This team will engage in food and clothing distribution to help alleviate those in poverty. The team will also have physical therapists provide PT in different areas in the community. The team will participate in worship services, play sports, and minister to children in the community.

Hosting and Meals: Teams stay at the mission house. Sleeping quarters are bunkbeds and shared bathrooms. The food is local Dominican food consisting of fresh fruit (watermelon, pineapple, papaya), eggs, sausages, pancakes, oatmeal, chicken and rice, and tacos.

Leaders: Kevin and Jennifer Youngs, Ryan Lutz

Who can attend: Open to Physical Therapy specialists, teenagers and adults.

Recommended Immunizations: Tetanus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza, COVID-19

Training Day: TBD

Cost: $1,500 (dependent on airfare)

Applications due: Feb 15, 2022

Payment Schedule:

  • $100* deposit due at sign-up deadline Feb 15
  • $700 * (including the deposit) due March 15
  • $1,500* due May 30

*Please note these fees are non-refundable.

Jamaica Construction Team
July 30-Aug 6, 2022

This team will construct a house for a Jamaican in four days and engage in a VBS outreach for a Jamaican church. The team will also engage in evangelism initiatives, visit a home for disabled Jamaicans, lead Bible studies in public schools, and engage in other types of ministry.

Details: Covenant is working with CSI Ministries (https://csiministries.net/ministries/jamaica/) for this trip. All the team meetings, the in-country ministry, and the whole schedule is set-up for individuals, and even families with children ages six and up to go on this trip.

Hosting and Meals: The team will be hosted in Highgate, Jamaica at CSI Ministries’ guest house. The house has five bedrooms and can host 48 people at a time. You will be served a combination of American and Jamaican style meals. Most meals will consist of rice, beans, and chicken.

Who Can Attend: Anyone is welcome even if you do not have construction experience.

Training Date: TBD

Team Leaders: TBD

Required Immunizations: None.

Recommended Immunizations: Tetanus, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza, COVID-19.

Cost: $1,600 (dependent on airfare)

Applications deadline: Feb 15, 2022

  • $100* deposit due by sign-up deadline
  • $700 * (including the deposit) due March 15
  • $1,600* due May 30

Ethiopia Team
October 20-29, 2022

This team will go to assist the disciple making movement in Ethiopia. In the past six years, this Muslim movement has witnessed 2,299 conversions, and they have planted 241 house churches.

If you have heart for unreached people groups, and want to meet Muslims who have recently come to Christ, this trip is for you.

Hosting and Meals: The team will fly from RDU to Washington DC on Thursday night and stay in a hotel. Friday morning, the team will fly from Washington to Addis. The team will stay in Addis for the week.

Expectations: Participants attend at least three 90 minutes team meetings before the trip. Everyone is expected to follow the guidelines for all Covenant short-term mission trips. After the trip, the team meets to discuss where God leads them to reach unreached people groups.

Who Can Attend: Anyone is welcome.

Training Date: TBD

Team Leaders: Jeremy Griffin and Elizabeth Byrd


Cost: $2,300

Applications deadline: TBD

Payment Schedule:

$100 due at the time of registration*

$1,000 due 2022*

$2,2000 due 2022*

*Please note these fees are non-refundable.

Nigeria Encouragement Team
Dates TBD 2023

This team is for adults only. The team’s purpose is to strengthen and encourage the African/Nigerian Church. The trip will be a time to work with the training Nigerian Christians as the team will see Nigerians commissioned into ministry and baptized. Each team member will teach a one hour session during a conference.

Hosting and Meals: The team will eat some American style and Nigeria style meals. The team will stay at a hotel.

Who Can Attend: Mature believers who can encourage Nigeria believers.

Team Leaders: Melissa Norris

Immunizations: Required: Yellow Fever, Poliovirus. Recommended: Routine vaccinations, Tetanus, COVID-19,  Hepatitis A, Typhoid

Training Day: TBD

Cost: $2,300 (dependent on airfare)

Applications due: 6 months before the team leaves

Payment Schedule:

  • $100* due at the time of registration
  • $1,000*due 75 days before departure (includes the deposit)
  • $2,300* due 60 days before departure
  • *Please note these fees are non-refundable

Application Process


Complete the application through Managed Missions.


Mail a clean and clear photo or scanned copy of your passport to Taryn Crawford at Covenant Church, 4005 Corey Road, Winterville, NC 28590. Or you may come by the church office (Mon-Thur 8am-5pm or Fri 8am-1pm) to have someone at the front office scan your passport for you. If you do not yet have your passport, please email Taryn (tarync@covenant.cc) the timeline for your passport application.


A $100 non-refundable deposit will be required.

Online Payment: Through your Managed Missions account once the application is approved.

Cash or Check/Money Order (make checks payable to Covenant Church with the name of the trip in the memo):

Drop-off at the Main Office or mail to:

Covenant Church
c/o Taryn Crawford
4005 Corey Rd.
Winterville, NC 28590

Please contact Jeremy Griffin at jeremyg@covenant.cc if you have questions about any of our Short-Term Mission trips or Taryn Crawford at tarync@covenant.cc if you have any questions about the application process.

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