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Application Process


Complete the application through Managed Missions.


Mail a clean and clear photo or scanned copy of your passport to Taryn Crawford at Covenant Church, 4005 Corey Road, Winterville, NC 28590. Please do not email your passport to Jennifer. Or you may come by the church office (Mon-Thur 8am-5pm or Fri 8am-1pm) to have Jennifer scan your passport for you. If you do not yet have your passport, please email Taryn (tarync@covenant.cc) the timeline for your passport application.


A $250 deposit will be required. Deposit can be turned in to the main church office if paid by check or cash. This can also be paid online through your Managed Missions account once the application is approved. We also have a text option. Please text “$250 GO” to 252-200-3303.

Please contact Jeremy Griffin at jeremyg@covenant.cc if you have questions about any of our Short-Term Mission trips or Taryn Crawford at tarync@covenant.cc if you have any questions about the application process.



How do I raise enough money for this mission trip?

The first time you meet with your team, your team leader will train you on how to fundraise. We’ve had over 500 people at Covenant use this fundraising process to raise enough money for their mission trips. The training is about directly asking people for money and prayers through letters to people in your relational network. Also remember that raising funds is an act of faith that requires you to trust God.

What happens if I don’t raise enough money?

This rarely happens. But if you have not worked hard on fundraising, and you can’t raise the money, you’ll not be allowed on the mission trip. But if you have worked hard on fundraising and can’t get enough money please contact the Outreach Team for advice.

What happens if I raise more than the cost of the mission trip?

This rarely happens. You and the Outreach Team track your overall funding. If you do raise more than the required budget, that money goes to help cover the cost of other members on your team or supplies.

Why is the budget approximate and not fixed?

We estimate the cost based on previous mission trips to that country. We purchase flights after the whole team is confirmed, and flight prices vary in the range of hundreds of dollars. After the flights are books, your team leader will have a finalized budget with a final fixed cost for the mission trip.


How do I deal with jetlag?

Jetlag is harder coming back to the U.S. than it is on the mission trip. You’ll find it harder to get to sleep at night and that you don’t feel quite right the first few days in the country you are visiting. The best way to combat jetlag is to adjust to whatever time zone you are in immediately. This means that if you land in Greece at 10am and you are exhausted, do not take a nap but go to bed early that evening.

Can I make my own arrangements to travel to the airport?

No. All team members are to travel together on the Covenant bus to and from the airport. It’s not fair for some people to have their family member drive them to the airport, while others do not. Plus, the time in the bus is a great bonding time before and after the mission trip.

Why does the Outreach Team use a travel agent to book flights, and why can’t I book the flights myself?

We use a travel agent because we cannot book group tickets, while the travel agent can. If we booked your flight (as opposed to the travel agent), then the team would be on multiple tickets, and that’s problematic in the event that you need to reschedule your flight due to delays or cancellations. Also, when flights must be rescheduled, a travel agent changes the booking, but if we purchased the flights, our office would have a difficult time rescheduling flights. For example, if you are in an airport in a different time zone and it’s 2am EST and you need your flight changed within 90 minutes, the travel agent can immediately help you while the Outreach Team couldn’t help you.

I looked up our flight online and it’s $200 cheaper than what we paid through the travel agent. Why is this?

The price you see may not actually be the full cost of the flight. Often airlines promote a deal, but when you click through all the options to purchase the flight, the cost will be almost the same as what the travel agent quoted us. Also, you are viewing the cost for one person on a flight, when you need to see the cost for the whole team. You might be able to get three seats at that price, but if you have 14 people going on the mission trip, you can’t see the cost for that size of group online.

Will I get sick?

It’s possible. Be prepared! One of the best things to do is be sure you stay hydrated!

What kinds of food will I eat?

The food in all the countries is excellent! Only eat what the host tells you to eat. Don’t eat food from street vendors. You should only eat fruits that you peel, and vegetables you cook. For example, don’t eat apples but you can eat bananas.

Can I use my cell phone internationally?

Yes. Contact your service provider to see what your charges will be in another country. If you don’t set up your phone for international use, you may incur high roaming costs. We recommend you use messenger apps that use WIFI (e.g. WhatsApp, Voxer, FB Messenger) instead of data to contact people back in the U.S.


What medical shots do I need?

You only need to be up-to-date on your tetanus shot before going to any country. If you go to India or Ethiopia, we recommend you go to a Travel Clinic to see what they shots they recommend. If you go to Camp Langano in Ethiopia, you’ll receive two rabies shots that the Outreach Team will organize for you. There is a more comprehensive list of immunizations from the CDC in the descriptions of each mission trip.

Do I need to have a medical check-up before I go?


What medications do you recommend for traveling?

Bring medications for upset stomach, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, cough and cold. It’s possible you’ll be sick on the mission trip, so bring whatever medications you’ll need to cope.


What will the schedule be each day?

Your team leader will work with the host to develop a schedule. On some mission trips, there isn’t a day-to-day schedule, so be flexible.

Have you gone to this country before?

We only send mission teams to work with our trusted ministry partners in other countries. So, there have already been multiple Covenant teams who have served where you are going. Some of our partnerships are well over 10 years old and have seen dozens of teams sent; other partnerships are slightly younger but none are younger than 3 years and all have seen multiple teams sent. You are going to an established international ministry.

Who else will be on this mission trip?

Your team will be confirmed a few weeks after the sign-up deadline. You’ll meet them at your first team meeting.

Will the mission trip be safe?

We can’t promise safety, but we also don’t purposefully send you to dangerous areas. We’ve never had someone physically hurt or assaulted on a mission trip. But many team members have been pickpocketed or have had their possessions stolen in Greece. So, be wise and aware of your surroundings.

What trainings do I need before I go on the mission trip?

You’ll meet with your team leader at least 4 times. You’ll have these meetings:

1) Introduction to the Mission Trip

2) Culture and Team Roles

3) Ministry Organization

4) Logistics and Travel

The Outreach Team will also provide a training on a Saturday from 8am-3pm to further prepare you for the mission trip.

Why do I have to sign-up 6-8 months before the mission team leaves the country? Shouldn’t I be able to sign-up and then go in a month or two?

Every team needs adequate time to prepare, raise funds, attend trainings, and to get to know each other before they go. If a team only had a month to prepare, they would not be able to get all the logistics together for the mission trip (i.e. visas, fundraising, flight ticket purchase).

What am I supposed to do after the mission trip? How do I process my next steps?

Your team leader debrief your whole team within a month after you come back to the U.S. The Outreach Team will also facilitate an evening each semester for all the teams to come together to process their experiences.

I'm a Middle School Student, can I still go on a mission trip?

Yes, we love it when students want to go on mission trips! Middle School students must have ONE parent go with them to the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Ethiopia and Greece.

I'm a High School Student, can I still go on a mission trip?

Yes, we love it when students want to go on mission trips! Rising High School Freshman and Sophomores can go WITHOUT their parents to the Dominican Republic. They need ONE parent to go with them to Lebanon, Ethiopia, and Greece. Rising High School Juniors and Seniors can go WITHOUT their parents to the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Ethiopia and Greece.

I just graduated from high school, can I go on a mission trip?

Yes, we love when students join our mission teams! High School Graduates can go WITHOUT their parents to the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Ethiopia, and Greece. They can apply to go to India, but must be approved by Student Ministries and Outreach to travel to this destination.