Global Outreach

The essence of all things Global Outreach is that we would relentlessly and courageously take all that we know about the heart of the Gospel and apply it to our everyday lives, both near and far (cf. Acts 1:8, Matt. 28:18-20).

We do this through intentional investment in 8 focus areas. Our three Local Focus Areas are Open Homes, Community Transformation, and West Greenville. Our five International Focus Areas are Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Greece, India, and Lebanon + Refugees.

Int'l Focus Areas: Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Syria & Syrian Refugees


Jeremy Griffin
252.355.0123 x5006

  • International short-term teams
  • Liaison with international partners
  • Missionary Care
  • Training

Melissa Norris

Director of Community Engagement

252.355.0123 x3004

  • Local outreaches and ministries
  • Liaison with local partners

Jennifer Hemink
GO Administrator

252.355.0123 x5004

  • Seedcasters
  • Finances
  • Administration
  • Communications
  • Prayer
Global Outreach Seedcasters

Matt Porter // Chairperson

Gilda Everett

Louis Groom

Robin Hudson

Cindy Nicholson

Dave Ryan

Greg Smith

Heather White

West Williams