One unforgettable summer.

Imagine a life changing experience of 4-6 weeks serving internationally.

We have global internships designed for you in 5 different countries for the summer of 2020.

You can go to the Dominican Republic, Greece, Lebanon, Ethiopia or India.

Why should I go on a Global Internship?

  • Received one-on-one mentorship and discipleship
  • Expand your world-view and explore your future calling
  • Meet real needs in another part of the world

What are the goals of a Global Internship?

  • Grow in your faith and understanding of who God is
  • Build cross-cultural skills and learn from other cultures
  • Develop awareness of the issues and trends in the global Church
  • Equip you with skills for future jobs, allowing you to get a step ahead in future employment

More questions? Contact Jeremy Griffin: jeremyg@covenant.cc