Discipleship Momentum Opportunities

Discipleship Momentum Opportunities are part of our Vision 2020 strategic plan to make disciples that make disciples.

Every month we will offer at least one opportunity to boost growth and help move people forward in key areas on the discipleship wheel.  Discipleship Momentum Opportunities will all have a small group component to gain understanding and knowledge on the specified topic and to build relationships with others in the same stage of growth.

If you have any questions about Discipleship Momentum Opportunities or would like to facilitate one, please contact Jay Buckingham.

Growing Kids in God {Empowering}
Wed : bi-monthly : 1/22-4/29 : 6-7:30pm : A.203

Wanting to disciple your child but struggling to find the time or ideas? We take the guess work out of what to do and how to find time. We’ve picked the days and time. Join us for a family-filled night of discipling your child and building community. Childcare is only offered for children 2 and under, as children 3 and older can join in with activities. Req: Register here & $5 supply fee.

Led by Ashley Smith: ashleys@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x3009.

#IHateResolutions {Equipping}
Sun : weekly : 1/12-2/9 : 9:15-10:30am : B.205

Going into a new year, we’re all wanting to start something new. Are you trying to eat less, exercise more, go to bed earlier, get up sooner, pray more, buy less, read the Bible more, stress less? You want to go for it, but resolutions have never worked in the past so why even try? We hate new year’s resolutions not because they’re hard to achieve, but because we hate failing when we don’t fit them. #IHateResolutions is a discipleship opportunity that approaches making changes from a different perspective. The best part is that it all begins with ONE WORD.

Led by Joe Cox: joec@covenant.cc or 717.4772

Engage the Nations {Empowering}
Thu : weekly : 3/5-4/9 : 6:30-8pm : B.204 

In this group, you’ll learn about your personal call in reaching the nations across the street and around the world. You’ll be inspired to go, give, pray, serve or learn as a part of your role in God’s mission. For more information, go to https://www.momentumyes.com.

Led by Jeremy Griffin: jeremyg@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x5006.

Hearing from God Retreat {Establishing}
Sat : once : 3/21 : 8am-12pm : B. upstairs rooms

This retreat will teach you about hearing from God, and give you the opportunity to learn more about caring for your soul. There will be short teaching sessions on these topics and then immediate application in break-out sessions. People have the opportunity to set aside the morning to seek God in silence. Req: $5.

Led by Jeremy Griffin: jeremyg@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x5006 and Kenny Jenkins: kennyj@covenant.cc or 717.4833

The Search {Empowering}
Wed : weekly : 2/12-3/4 : 6:30-8pm : B.205

This is an extension of our January sermon series on how God has searched for us and is looking for those who don’t know Him. In this group, we will focus on those who God is still searching for and equip you to share your faith.

Led by Melissa Norris: melissan@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x3004.

Difficult Questions about Christianity {Encountering}
Tue : weekly : 4/14-4/28 : 7-8pm : online

This group will discuss some of the hardest questions about Christianity. Why is there evil in the world? Can the Bible really be trusted? Isn’t saying that there is only way to God too exclusive? This group will be streamed live so that you can watch from home.

Led by Jeremy Griffin: jeremyg@covenant.cc or 548.7339 and Michael White: michaelw@covenant.cc or 919.630.9595

Disciplines of Grace {Establishing}

Wed : weekly : 3/4-3/18 : 7-8pm : B.102

God desires an intimate relationship with us. There are practical ‘Disciplines’ we can practice that will enable us to grow in our relationship with God and experience His grace. This three-week group will introduce you to specific disciplines and will culminate in a half-day Hearing God Retreat to put them into practice.

Led by Kenny Jenkins: kennyj@covenant.cc or 717.4833

Marriage 101 {Establishing}
Wed : 4/22 : 6-8:30pm : B.102
Wed : 4/29 : 7-8:30pm
Wed : 5/6 : 7-8:30pm

Whether you are starting, building, or rebuilding a marriage, you are pursuing one of the greatest journeys we can ever undertake. Few pursuits will require so much yet yield such incredible blessings. This discipleship event is crafted for couples pursuing their marriage whether they’re young, old, engaged, married, thriving, striving and/or surviving. You and your fiancė or spouse are invited to step in together and discover the core of covenant marriage and how that impacts everything around us. Cost: $15 Meal / Supplies.

Led by Joe Cox: joec@covenant.cc or 717.4772