Discipleship Momentum Opportunities

Discipleship Momentum Opportunities are part of our Vision 2020 strategic plan to make disciples that make disciples.

Every month we will offer at least one opportunity to boost growth and help move people forward in key areas on the discipleship wheel.  Discipleship Momentum Opportunities will all have a small group component to gain understanding and knowledge on the specified topic and to build relationships with others in the same stage of growth.

If you have any questions about Discipleship Momentum Opportunities or would like to facilitate one, please contact Jay Buckingham.

Equipped to Disciple
Sun : Weekly : 6/2-6/23 : 11am-12pm : H3.101

Have you ever felt completely in over your head when asked to mentor or disciple another person? Your fear probably comes from a false view of discipleship – the idea that the best way to help people grow is by transferring knowledge from one person to another. While knowledge and maturity are nice to have, you don’t have to be an expert to be able to help someone grow in faith and maturity. God wants to use you today! Come and get equipped on how to begin a discipleship relationship with another person. We will cover all of the steps of the process as well as provide you with the tools you will need to be a successful discipler. Led by Jay Buckingham: jayb@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x4001 and Kenny Jenkins: kennyj@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x4004.

Grab. Gather. Grow.
Weekly: You Choose
Days/Times: Your Home

Grab the link, Gather some friends, and Grow together. This is a five-week small group experience of five statements that will encourage all of us to grow in our faith – it’s called “Living the Five”.  Each week begins with about a 10-minute video from our lead pastor, Branson, as he introduces the statement and then there is an easy-to-follow study.  So, gather your family, friends, pets, etc. and you pick the place, the time, and the day—and Grow. Let us know that you want to do this and we will send you the link. To sign up to get the materials to start your own group, go to www.covenant.cc/register or send an email to stacyv@covenant.cc.