Discipleship Momentum Opportunities

Discipleship Momentum Opportunities are part of our Vision 2020 strategic plan to make disciples that make disciples.

Every month we will offer at least one opportunity to boost growth and help move people forward in key areas on the discipleship wheel.  Discipleship Momentum Opportunities will all have a small group component to gain understanding and knowledge on the specified topic and to build relationships with others in the same stage of growth.

If you have any questions about Discipleship Momentum Opportunities or would like to facilitate one, please contact Jay Buckingham.

Growing Children in God
Wed : bi-monthly : 9/11-12/4 : 6-7:30pm : A.203

Wanting to disciple your child but struggling to find the time or ideas? We take the guess work out of what to do and how to find time. We’ve picked the days and time. Join us for a family-filled night of discipling your child and building community. Childcare is only offered for children 2 and under, as children 3 and older can join in with activities. Req: Register here & $5 supply fee. Led by Ashley Smith: ashleys@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x3009.

Thu : weekly : 9/12-10/17 : 7-8:30pm : B.102

Momentum invites everyday people to rethink God’s mission, the call of the church, and their individual roles. This excellent six-week video and book-based curriculum is designed to inspire people to rethink God’s mission. Believers will be encouraged to take next steps to go, send, learn or pray in God’s mission. Our world is more global than it used to be, and Momentum helps maximize our opportunity to make Jesus famous here, near and far away. For more information, visit https://www.momentumyes.com. Led by Jeremy Griffin: jeremyg@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x5006.

Spiritual Warfare Workshop
Fri : once : 9/13 : 6:30-9:30pm : B.Student Center (workshop) Sat : once : 9/14 : 9am-4pm : B.Student Center (workshop) TBD : weekly : (small groups)

As a follower of Jesus, you have an enemy. He would love for you to believe that he has power. But in truth, he is just a punk compared to the power and authority that we have in Jesus. Join us both days as we learn about our enemy, his schemes, and how he actually fears us. Bob uses modern film clips, everyday illustrations, and God’s word to teach you how to defend your heart, defend your family, engage in daily battle, and pray like a warrior. All participants will be encouraged to join an 8-week small group to continue training as warriors. Join us with shields up and swords drawn! Req: Register at www.covenant.cc/ events & $10 materials, snacks & lunch fee. Led by Bob Wynn: bobw@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x3002.

The Fight Con: Men’s Convention
Fri : once : 9/27 : 6-9pm : A.Worship Center
Sat : once : 9/28 : 8am-12pm : A.Worship Center

Am I a fighter? You may be saying “I’m not”. Here is the hard
truth – whether we like it or not, we’re in a fight. The real question is, will I train? In other words, what will it cost me to be the man God has made me to be? Or, what will it cost me not to address the things I’m ignoring? For some, it will cost everything. Gentlemen, your story isn’t over. If you’re still breathing, you can still win. Come join us as the fight journey begins. Tickets can be purchased at http://thefightcon.com for $30. For more information, contact Jay Buckingham: jayb@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x4001 or Wes Edwards: wese@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x2006.

The One
Wed : weekly : 10/16-11/6 : 6:30-8pm : B.205

This study is about reaching the One(s) in our lives who are living without God. It may be a family member, friend or co-worker who is living without understanding the love of God. Our goal is to increase the Kingdom of God through showing love and sharing the message of Jesus. Led by Melissa Norris: melissan@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x3004.

The Journey: Girls Workshop
Fri : once : 11/1 : 7-9pm : B.Student Center
Sat : once : 11/2 : 9am-12pm : B.Student Center

This is an event for middle school and high school (6th-12th grade) girls, designed to help them take steps in their discipleship journey and become rooted in their true identity in Christ. This workshop will include worship, large group sessions with guest speakers and break-out sessions as well as a lot of fun activities and prizes. Req: Register at www.covenant.cc/events & $10 fee. For more information, contact Lisa Jenkins: lisaj@covenant.cc or 355.0123 x3007.

Following Your GPS
Wed : once : 11/6 : 6-9pm : B.102 (workshop)
Sun : weekly : 11/3-17 : 9:15-10:30am : B.102 (small groups)

“Loving what you do” matters to people whether it’s their vocation, schoolwork, or personal ministry. When we know, understand, and use our GPS (gifts, passions, and strengths) which God has entrusted to us, the work becomes life-giving. When we are not putting our GPS to work, our work becomes just another life-draining job. At GPS, you can expect to: Discover what your spiritual gifts, personal passions, and strengths are in a way that is easy to understand. Learn what each element of your GPS means in your day-to-day life. Incorporate your GPS into the life of your vocation, schoolwork, and personal ministry within our church. The “win” for GPS is that you don’t have to feel like, as the GPS says, “recalculating.” God’s will for your life is already in you. GPS will help you find and follow it. Req: Register at www. covenant.cc/events & $15 meal & book fee. Led by Joe Cox: joec@covenant.cc or 717.4772.