“I keep coming back to Covenant for the people. I feel like a valued member of the large congregation thanks to my involvement in small groups. The impressive number of groups gives newcomers and members the chance to find a place where they belong.”
West Williams, Class of 2019

Zoom Group Brady Bunch Shot-3-01

In response to the evolving situation with the coronavirus COVID-19, we wanted to let you know what Covenant College Ministry is doing in an effort to keep our college-age community as safe and connected as possible.
-Joe Cox
Director of College Ministries



Your church family continues to worship together online Saturday 5:30 PM and Sunday at 9:15 and 11:00 AM. This experience includes interactions, message notes, prayer partners, and giving opportunities. We hope you will join us. Make sure you wear your church pajamas.


Groups are still meeting and forming even though we cannot meet in person. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit brings a two-dimensional screen alive. You can join a Zoom Group simply by clicking the button below.


Follow us on Instagram @CovColMin and set your notifications. We will be posting live events to help bring us together as a community as well as keeping us in a good place with soul care.

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“In the hustle and bustle of college life, LiFT provides a monthly out. A night of fellowship and worship to help get through the next few weeks. It’s a place to be filled and a place to make new friends who are in the same season of life as you.”
Kaylah Dasrath, Class of 2019


…and really good coffee.

Monthly, Wednesday Nights, 8:00-9:15 PM
The Market at Coastal Fog
330 Evans Street, Greenville Uptown

PEOPLE WILL WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU WENT. It could be the peace of knowing you’re not alone on your campus. Maybe it’s the confidence that comes from knowing Jesus. Or, it could be the joy that comes with passionate worship music. No matter, they’ll want to go with you next time because everyone needs a lift.

Apr 15, May 20, Jun 17, Jul 15

“Lift is valuable for college age people because it opens an opportunity to build community during a time in your life when you need people the most. You have opportunities each month to build sort of a home away from home, where you can learn about the Lord and about how his plans out-do anything we could ever hope for or imagine for ourselves.”
Sarah Wilson, ECU 2019

Beach Retreat Footprints (1)

“Came for the beach, stayed for the lip sync, left with direction.”
Jesse Cornaire, Class of 2019

Click here to see the house.

APRIL 17 – 19

That’s why the beach retreat is one of the best places to have life-shaping conversations that engages us with God’s heart and connects us better to each other. Our oceanfront location provides space that brings worship music, biblical teaching, and honest life conversations alive in a unique way.

Our conversations will surround the idea that God does not want anything to seperate us from Him and how that translates into how He doesn’t want anything to seperate us from each other in our deepest relationships. We keep the retreat small to build relationships that last and we lead them in a manner where anyone can come without shame or guilt and receive what God has to offer them. So, please make your plans and reservations as soon as possible


To register for this event, you will need to fill out our registration form using the REGISTER HERE link below. This form will require some necessary information along with any medical/dietary needs that you would like to include. If you would like to fill out the form and make a payment later, you may. Once the deadline has passed, preference will be given to those who have completed payment.


To complete your registration, please click on the PAYMENT HERE link below. This link will take you to the payment page for the event. The starting cost is $100, which includes lodging, food, and materials. That’s a deal! We understand that being a student is expensive, and $100 can be a lot. If you commit to attending the whole weekend, we automatically scholarship you another $50. That’s crazy!

“I would definitely go on the beach retreat again because it was just an enjoyable time where I didn’t have to stress over school, and I was able to connect with other people that I hadn’t previously been able to connect with. It was also really awesome getting a chance to look at how God was working in my life, and my friends’ lives.”
Sarah Wilson, Class of 2019

“The feeling of God’s children coming together under one roof brings a whole different vibe to the room. Everyone is there to build or begin a relationship with God and be with others who share the same passion.”
Heinz Grant, Class of 2021

“I would go on our beach retreat again this year because I learned so much about myself and about the Lord. My relationship grew in depth and I gained direction on where I want to do with this life I have been given. Plus, we get to learn about His Kingdom in one of the dopest places.”
Sarah Sudekum, Class of 2022


“I love worshipping at Covenant because I know I’m surrounded by family. We laugh together, cry together and eat together. Nothing gives me greater joy than praising God with the people he’s placed in my life.”
Rachel Koenig, Class of 2021


Saturdays 5:30pm
Sundays 9:15 & 11:00am*
Winterville Campus

We worship every weekend at the Winterville campus as a family. We could not create anything more powerful or beautiful than the local church. It’s where we:

  • Meet all the generations of our church to worship as a family.
  • Worship through the gift of music, Word, prayer, and sacraments.
  • Are challenged and changed by the Word of God.
  • Discover our next step as part of God’s mission in the local church.

That’s why we invite all college-age people to take their place in the mission and leadership of the church.



You can come to any service. If you’re looking for other college-age people, the majority of our college students join us at 11:00 am service and gather in the sanctuary to the right side of the stage (Stage-left to those who speak theater). Sit with us, you might get pulled into a lunch bunch afterward or even to one our monthly free college luncheons.

IMG_0093 copy

“Because college-age individuals are experiencing young adulthood in the age of personal connection through technology, emotional connection is very often a watered-down experience. College luncheons afford the bliss of human interaction in a manner technology fails to replicate.”
Kehinde Olufowobi, Class of 2021



Monthly, Sunday after 11:00 AM Worship
Winterville Campus, Building B

College lunches happen monthly right after worship and connects college students with each other while building a stronger connection with Covenant Church. Join us for worship and then have a great lunch with people as amazing as you. There is no need to RSVP.

Apr 5, May 17

And yes, we love to play with our food.

IMG_8422 copy

“Being in a small group brought me to some of the coolest people I could have ever met and made me realize that you need a group of people to do life with.”
Bailey Giles, Class of 2019


Life’s hard, we can help.

When you take on life alone, it feels like it’s all on you. When you do life together, you begin to realize together its all on God. Our groups and Bible studies are safe places where stories are shared, scripture is discussed, and prayer is lifted up.


When you click the button below, select from [ANY AGE GROUP] the option [COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY]. This will bring up our selection of groups.
IMG_9858 copy 2

“It’s such an incredible opportunity to work with kids! When God gives the talent and passion to pour into young lives, go for it! You will never be left unfulfilled.”
Hannah Lawson, Class of 2021


It’s your turn now.

You’re ready to step out of the bleachers and meet us on the field but not sure where to start. Click the link below and let us know a little about yourself. Covenant needs your passions, gifts, and availability in multiple arenas.

Let’s find out where yours will take you.


Whether you’re in college or college-age, discover how people like you are finding their place in the life-blood of God’s disciple-making mission at Covenant Church.

What is college-age?

That is a slippery question today. Here are some of the people groups we include at Covenant College Ministry.

  • People dual-enrolled at PCC.
  • People attending PCC and/or ECU.
  • People attending college away from Pitt County.
  • People taking a gap year.
  • People entering directly into the workforce after high school.
  • People who are looking for direction beyond high school.

Covenant College Ministry is committed to helping this rising generation become fully engaged into the life-blood of the vision and mission of Covenant Church.

How else can we serve you?

Covenant Church is quickly becoming the church home for college-age people from across town and the world. It happens everytime someone finds their place in God’s mission at Covenant. Contact me and let me know how I can help you find yours.

Joe Cox
Director of College Ministry
IG | FB | TW @1965JoeCox



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