We want to make our environments as easy as possible for people to attend, and we know that figuring out what to do with the kiddos can be a challenge. That is why Covenant offers both free, on-campus childcare as well as reimbursement for off-campus childcare for people attending a group.

Childcare Reimbursement Program


We offer childcare reimbursement for parents and legal guardians who are attending an on-going small group listed in the groups section of the Covenant Connect Catalog. “One-time” events and “serve” groups are not included. Also, if your group occurs during weekend worship times, reimbursed childcare is not available as Covenant Kids is available during those times.


You do not have to get approval before hiring your own baby sitter. In fact, it is totally your responsibility to get and decide who watches and cares for your children. Your group leader may also choose to have the baby sitting at their own home and be reimbursed for that. Our role is only to reimburse you according to the formula in the chart below.

Reimbursement Process

Both you and your group leader must sign the reimbursement form—one signature for each gathering. Each person turns in their own form after the proper signatures are on it, and it can be turned it at the Next Steps desk during weekend services or at the main office during the week. Please only submit 1 reimbursement request form per month (not weekly). Forms should be submitted within 30 days after the month ends.

Reimbursement Guidelines

» You will be reimbursed based on the reimbursement chart given in the Childcare Reimbursement form. If you pay less, then just turn in the actual amount paid, but if you pay more, then you are responsible for the overage.

» There is no limit to how many groups per week you can be reimbursed. However, you may only be reimbursed up to 4 hours per group per week.

» You may include your travel time to and from the group, up to 15 minutes each way.

On-Campus Childcare Program


We offer free on-site childcare (for children ages 2 months – 11 years old*) for parents and legal guardians who are attending a small group listed in our Connect Catalog and meeting on the Winterville campus. “One-time” events and “serve” groups are not included. Children you are babysitting are not eligible.

(*up to 5 years old on Wed AM)


You may register here, or you may register by phone by calling 355.0123 x3107 and leaving a message which includes your name, your child(ren)’s name(s), age(s), the date/time of the group/event, and the group/event name. You must register at least 2 business days in advance. If you do not meet the registration deadline, you can choose to wait 15 minutes after the start of the group to see if there is room available. This is necessary so that we can be sure that we are not exceeding our children-to-caregiver ratio.

Drop-Off /Pick-Up

Our on-site childcare is located in Main Campus Building A. We begin accepting children at the start time listed on the registration form and we ask that you pick up your child before the end time listed on the registration form.


The dates/times that we will offer on-site childcare will vary each semester. Refer to the childcare registration form for available dates/times.


If you will not be using childcare on one of the days you have registered for (i.e. group decides not to meet, child sick, out of town, etc.), please call 355.0123 x3107 or send an email to cristinab@covenant.cc as soon as possible. We will cancel childcare when there are no children registered to attend.