What If I Get Lost?


This question has been on the mind of every student at some point. They want to avoid embarrassment at all cost, and it can seem like there is nothing worse than showing everyone else that they have no idea where they are going. The truth, however, is that there is a deeper struggle underneath this question that is far more universal and paralyzing.

Have you ever been lost? I have. Within seconds fear gripped me as I became acutely aware that I had never been surrounded by more people in my entire life, and I had also never been so alone. This sense of loneliness is dangerous because it is always accompanied by lies about identity. “I am not good enough.” “I am not wanted.” “I am better off on my own.” These are struggles that our students face every day.

In a similar way, Jesus’ disciples faced incredible stress in Jesus’ death and the days that followed. Put yourself in their sandals- the man that they had followed for three years, the one who they learned was the Messiah had been put to a gruesome death right in front of them. And yet here He was in Matthew 28, risen from the dead and giving them a commission to go and make disciples. His words to them ring true for those of us today who have a relationship with Him- we have a purpose and a promise, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matt. 28:20

By grace and through faith, Jesus is with us and for us even when we feel alone and afraid. This truth changes everything! No matter who you are you are wanted, valued and loved by Jesus. And to our students: you will get lost, but you are never alone.

Post by: Drew Peyton, Director of Covenant Students