Singing In The Storm

When my daughter Rachel was about 2 years old we were at home one day during a pretty intense rain storm. The sky was dark. There was thunder booming with flashes of lightning, and rain was pouring down in sheets. I was putting laundry away in another room when I heard the sweet sound of Rachel singing.


As I followed the sound of her voice I found her in the kitchen, looking out the glass door to the back yard, hands raised, singing “Our God rains! Our God rains!” as loud as she could. Now you and I know the correct lyric is “reigns” but she truly meant that God rained.


I always think of this story when I face stormy times and it makes me smile. Scripture tells us we will face times of trouble. There will be storms that come our way. But we get to choose where we fix our eyes! Scripture calls us to set our eyes and heart on the God who reigns. He is the creator and ruler over all this earth, including hurricanes named Flo.


While we can easily get caught up in thinking we can manage our lives in our own strength and wisdom, storms like these quickly remind us of our dependence upon the God who reigns. When we fix our eyes on Him we can sing in the storms!


Ps. 16:8 “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”


Post by:  Lisa Jenkins, Covenant Student Servant Coordinator