Just Do It

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort”

-II Corinthians 1:3

Our staff team went to New Bern a few weeks ago to help people who had experienced hurricane damage. We met a single lady, who was a bit older and whose house had been flooded. When I saw her, I imagined how hard the situation would be to have to do on my own – finances, understanding construction stuff, trusting a contractor, etc.

At the end of our work day I offered to pray for her and when I finished, she looked at me and asked if I had been following her around for the last two weeks, it seemed my prayer had addressed all her fears, worries and anxiety. I simply replied that if I were in her shoes, that’s how I’d want someone to pray for me.

I feel like I struggled with compassion. I tend to be a “pull yourself up by your boot straps” kind of person. But a few years ago, I began asking God for a heart to see people the way He does, to hear things from people that allows me to speak into them and to serve people the way He would want me to – all to bring glory to Him. I also see an opportunity, through my prayers for people to hear more about God’s character and their identity in Him, so that they will feel encouraged and blessed, but also reminded of the love and compassion of our God.

I know many find praying out loud to be intimidating. But my take on it is that I just talk to God about what He impresses on me. Instead of worrying about using the right words or sounding intelligent, I open my mouth and pour out my heart to God – and while I’m talking to Him, others can listen in. No pressure, just talking to my God.

Be bold! Pray your prayers! Practice praying out loud with people you trust – pray for your friends, your kids, your spouse and get used to hearing yourself pray. No one, not even Muslims in Lebanon have ever turned me down when I’ve asked if I could pray for them. Start asking and bring Truth to people’s heart through prayer.

Prayer: Father God, you are a God of love, grace and compassion! My heart is grateful for how much you have shown these things to me and I ask in the name of Jesus that you will give me a heart just like yours. Help me to see people and love them as you do. Give me confidence to use prayer as a reminder to people of who you are and how you have overcome this world!

Post By: Melissa Norris, Director of Covenant Kids

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