It’s that time again!  Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  As we approach this Holiday Season, I am reminded of a few realities.
          The first reality is that it is easy to miss the ‘reason for the season’.  We need to be intentional about remembering and reflecting on the meaning of the holidays.  It’s easy to get so caught up in the hustle and ‘energy’ of the season that we not only forget the real reason we are celebrating but we don’t even enjoy it.  We must be intentional about setting things in place to help us remember.  Some suggestions for how to do this are:
  • Participating in Advent as a family
  • Meditating on the words to Christmas songs and reflecting on their meaning
  • Reading the Christmas Story
  • At Thanksgiving, share things you are thankful for with family and friends
          The second reality is that I need to ask God to open my eyes to those around me (my neighbor) who may actually ‘dread’ the holidays.  People who have lost loved ones or who are single often struggle during this time.  We need to be sensitive to their reality and look for opportunities to include them in our celebrations.  Suggestions for how to do this are:
  • Invite them to join your family for Thanksgiving or Christmas meal
  • Pray for those you know
  • Include them in family outings

My Prayer is we all will have a meaningful Holiday Season.

Post By: Kenny Jenkins, Director of Spiritual Formation

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