Don’t Forget!

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

This scripture has summed up the last few months of my life.  Trying to find joy and peace when things are not going “my” way and exercising patience during such times is just plain hard!  I would even say that without prayer, it’s impossible.  When my faith was still new, I spent sleepless nights trying to figure things out on my own, planning my strategies, having fake conversations in my head that would cause people to hear me, be kind to me, etc. – basically I was trying to control all of the world’s problems.

As I’ve grown in my faith, my 3 a.m. strategy sessions have significantly decreased as I’ve realized that I really don’t want that kind of control. I can’t handle it.  God is the only one in control and you know what?  I’m so glad it’s Him and not me – it would be a disaster if I were in charge of this world.  (Have you seen Bruce Almighty??)

What I have learned, is prayer changes things, and it changes me.  God has shown in His word that we can cry out to Him, that He hears us and many times, that we change His mind.  If not, He’s willing to bring us peace and comfort while we live into His plan.  However a situation turns out in the end, I need to be as willing to let Him change my mind as I am willing to ask Him to change His.

Have you stopped to consider how willing you are to let Him change your mind?  Maybe take a moment today and ask God to show you any areas of your life that you might need a new perspective.

Post By:  Melissa Norris, Director of CovenantKids