Beginnings are always filled with emotions. Sometimes they’re really great emotions and other times not-so-great, but really it’s not unusual for a new beginning to run the gamut from anticipation and excitement to fear and hesitation. For instance, we’re all giddy and hopeful when starting a new relationship, but maybe also anxious about opening our life up to someone else. And think back to that first day of middle school and all the insecurity and uncertainty it brought with it. Yet more often than not, by the end of the day we left school relieved and even a little excited about what the year would bring. We’ve all had experiences like these, right?

Well, this beginning is much the same. In order to share stories from our staff and congregation that may not otherwise get to be told, Covenant is stepping out into the blogosphere! God is up to great things within our church family and there just isn’t enough time during our services to be able to share it all. We thought, what better way to get those stories told than by starting our own Covenant Church blog? Each week will bring new contributors with new stories told with truth and vulnerability that will reflect the heart of our church. We are super excited to launch this blog…and maybe a little nervous about the vulnerability part, but a willingness to be vulnerable is a key to true community.

So, here’s to beginnings!!!