A Grander Narrative

What do the following locations have in common?

  • Babylon
  • Well in Samaria
  • Mars Hill in Athens
  • Pub District of London
  • Uptown Greenville
  • and the Student Pirate Club Tailgate Lot

[Cue Jeopardy think music]

Response: “Alex, What are places where the church went to reach people with the story and message of Jesus Christ?”

Hype?!?! Look for yourself.

  • In Jeremiah 29:4-7, God wanted to recalibrate the hearts of his exiled people to look at Babylon as a place to minister, not complain.
  • In John 4, Jesus is road tripping with his disciples and has them take the scenic route so they can start a revival in Samaria.
  • Paul’s journey has him standing in the shadow of the Acropolis before some of Greece’s greatest minds sharing the message of Jesus.
  • Charles Wesley, a co-founder of the Methodist movement and contemporary music pioneer, crafted music “Straight Outa London.”
  • A team of college students from Covenant can be found Uptown every month offering an open-door worship and conversation night.
  • Another team of college students can be found in the SPC tailgate on game day passing out hot dogs and starting conversations with people who cannot believe the church even cares about them (their words).

From early on the church has always participated in the meta-narrative of God’s people who “gather to go.” We gather strategically on Sunday to reach people universally all week. I know sometimes this gets lost in the haze of worship wars and the confusion of consumer Christianity. But there are hundreds of people at Covenant who view their lives as a micro-narrative that is part of God’s grand narrative and His Dominion.

It’s why I love worshipping with my church family in Winterville and why I love hanging out in the SPC lot, Uptown Greenville and occasionally Mars Hill with college-age people. It’s where I get to be a part of a bigger story.


Posted by Joe Cox, Director of College Ministry