Lay Leadership Teams


Serves as the elders of Covenant Church and helps set the overall direction of the church.

Mary Price // Chairperson
Branson Sheets
Darlynn Sakowski
John Savage
Emily Rouse
Rob Hall
Herb Ormond
Lee Quinn
Debbie James


Oversees and votes on matters of church policy. The Council also sets goals and the direction for the church.

Patrick Porter // Chairperson
Mike Taylor // Vice-Chair
Sarah Williams // Secretary
Gordon Douglas // Treasurer
Taplie Coile // Lay Member – Annual Conference
Buddy Holt // Lay Member – Annual Conference
Meredith Rizzuti // Lay Member – Annual Conference
Donald Askew // Alt. Lay Member – Annual Conference #1
Nathan White // Alt. Lay Member – Annual Conference #2
Jack Bircher // Alt. Lay Member – Annual Conference #3

Chairpersons of Administrative Teams:
SeedCasters: Matt Porter
Trustees: Dale Hamm
Staff Parish: Gary Bass
Finance: Ronnie Smith

At Large Members to the Council
Jeff Clark
Trisha Jackson
Rebecca Vlk
Alex Pappas

Staff Representatives
Branson Sheets // Lead Pastor
Carl Price // Executive Director
Bill Jacobs // Director of Campus Operations
Ivela Dickens // Director of Finance


The Trustees are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of church property. In addition to taking care of the building and property, this team reviews insurance policies, building use policies, etc.

Dale Hamm // Chairperson
Tyler Averett
Frank Brown
Jeff Gise
Paul Mobley
Mike Richardson
Ann Marie Holder
Patricia Combs
Mike Broadwell
Andrew Skinner

Staff Representatives
Bill Jacobs // Director of Campus Operations


Branson Sheets // Chairperson
Pam Frutiger
Emma Bircher
H.B. Moore
Page Aman
Tori Burnett
Bill Lennartz
Sarah Clawson
Linda Branch
Dewey Grubb


Jay Audino // Chairperson
Buddy Holt
Kathy Sakowski
Pam Quinn
Becky Testerink
Charlie Langley
Dave Hunt
Pattie Foote
Diane Van Staalduinen


Heather White // Chairperson
Dave Ryan
Cindy Nicholson
Heather White
Matt Porter
Louis Groom
West Williams
Gilda Everett
Greg Smith
Robin Hudson

Staff Representative
Jeremy Griffin // Outreach Director


Responsibilities of the Finance Team include reviewing the church budget, providing guidance to the treasurer, and making recommendations to the Council about the use of funds.

Ronnie Smith // Chairperson
Charlotte Shelton
Chris Smith
Bryan Lee
Rita Galbraith
George Stamper
Sarah Allen
Harold Mizzell
Clay Brown

Treasurer: Gordon Douglas

Extended Finance Team
Patrick Porter // Chairperson for Council
Gary Bass // Chairperson for SPPRC
Dale Hamm // Chairperson for Trustees

Staff Representative
Ivela Dickens // Director of Finance


All personnel issues are overseen by the SPPRC including hiring, discharging and performance reviews. SPPRC is charged with monitoring and facilitating the relationship between the congregation and its staff members.

Gary Bass // Chairperson
Bill Jacobs // Staff Representative

Kevin Parker
Cheri Hessert
Hannah Deis
Marty Vainright
Laura Respess
Cal Christian
Al Weston
Ken Leys
Renee Banning