Lay Leadership Teams


Serves as the elders of Covenant Church and helps set the overall direction of the church.

Herb Ormond // Chairperson
Debbie James
Lee Quinn
Chris Lyall
Jeff Ramey
Jill Williams
Trudy Halstead


Oversees and votes on matters of church policy. The Council also sets goals and the direction for the church.

Mike Taylor // Chairperson
Charles Burnett // Vice-Chair
Janet Brooks // Secretary
Patrick Porter // Treasurer
Jack Bircher // Lay Member – Annual Conference
Bob Brock // Lay Member – Annual Conference
Greg Gault // Lay Member – Annual Conference
Paul Clawson // Alt. Lay Member – Annual Conference #1
Tyler Allen // Alt. Lay Member – Annual Conference #2
Eric Ross // Alt. Lay Member – Annual Conference #3
Herb Ormond // Liason to WCA

Chairpersons of Administrative Teams
SeedCasters: Gary Foote
Trustees: Jule White
Staff Parish: Dave Hunt
Finance: Chris Smith

At Large Members to the Council
Patrick Briley
Chris Ellis
Joe Samstag
Nathan Hudson

Staff Representatives
Branson Sheets // Lead Pastor
Travis Sneed // Executive Pastor


The Trustees are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of church property. In addition to taking care of the building and property, this team reviews insurance policies, building use policies, etc.

Jule White // Chairperson
TBD // Vice Chair
Scott Farmer
Tad Shelton
Louise Bradshaw
Brack Massey
Jule White
Michael Overton
Debby Hight
Kellie Brown
Jason Wallace
Cameron Taylor

Staff Representatives
Eric Demsky // Director of Campus Operations


Branson Sheets // Chairperson
Steve Tripp
Khristy Lee
Ruthie Collins
Dee Pappas
Joan Martin
Tyler Reges
Janet Lennartz
Jonathan Bass
Lisa Douglas
Michael Grubb


Jay Audino // Chairperson
TBD // Vice Chair
Ray Odom
Steve Evans
David Garris
Bill Sherman
Ann Bryan
Wendy Rains
Kristen Mollison
John Savage


Gary Foote // Chairperson
TBD // Vice Chair
Jennifer Herdman
Phyllis Nixon
Kevin Youngs
Laurie Stewart
Jaryd Earlosky
Anthony Cartrette
Teff Sheets
Reuben Soto-Terron
Gary Foote

Staff Representative
Jeremy Griffin // Outreach Director
Melissa Norris // Community Engagement Director


Responsibilities of the Finance Team include reviewing the church budget, providing guidance to the treasurer, and making recommendations to the Council about the use of funds.

Chris Smith // Chairperson
TBD // Vice Chair
Jamie Orr
Jeanne Crowfoot
John Woolard
Darrell Hinnant
Sarah Harrell
Rich Winker
Heather Davis
Lance Collette

Treasurer: Patrick Porter

Extended Finance Team
Mike Taylor // Chairperson for Council
Dave Hunt // Chairperson for SPPRC
Jule White // Chairperson for Trustees

Staff Representative
Amanda Danielson // Director of Finance


All personnel issues are overseen by the SPPRC including hiring, discharging and performance reviews. SPPRC is charged with monitoring and facilitating the relationship between the congregation and its staff members.

Dave Hunt // Chairperson
TBD // Vice Chair
Ryan Tittle
Chris Lilley
Drusilla Brewer
Donna Jacobs
Megan Lasure
Rob Vernon
Nicole Averett
Mary Simpson
Chip Tillet

Travis Sneed // Staff Representative