Mobilize and Support

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The purpose of these teams is to assist the GO Team in formulating strategies regarding the different focus areas and to mobilize our Church to be involved in those areas. The teams will not determine the ministry of our partners, but rather strategize how Covenant Church will be involved in the different areas and how we will support and encourage our partners. They will then also plan programs, projects and events to promote the different focus areas as well as volunteer teams local and international.

The most important part of these teams’ responsibility will be to gather prayer requests from the different areas and communicate it to our congregation to pray for our partners, missionaries and volunteer teams. If you want to get more involved in our local or international outreach, then this is a place for you. These teams will meet every 2-3 months for strategic planning, be involved with an annual prayer event for the focus area and be the mobilizers par excellence!

Local Strategic Vision Teams:

  • Open Homes
  • West Greenville
  • Community Transformation
  • Washington, NC
  • ECU campus

International Strategic Vision Teams:

  • Domincan Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • Greece
  • India
  • Syria and Syrian Refugees

For more information on the Local Strategic Vision Teams, contact Michal White at and Jeremy Griffin for the International Strategic vision teams at


Missionary Care Team

The purpose of the missionary care team is to provide relational, spiritual and emotional support to our missionaries so that they are fully empowered to fulfill God’s missional calling on their lives. This team is not about helping missionaries raise financial support, but about helping missionaries know that they are relationally connected to and emotionally and spiritually empowered by Covenant Church. This team focuses on three things for missionaries. First, we think strategically about how more people at Covenant can be involved in missionary care. Second, we are relationally supportive of our missionaries. We intentionally plan ways to stay in touch with missionaries through texting, skyping, calling or other social media means. Last, we are advocating for missionaries. We will ‘go to bat’ so to speak for the missionary by promoting them in our small groups and getting others connected to and praying for them. We have 19 missionary units supported at Covenant, so we have lots of advocating to do!

Contact Jeremy Griffen at to get more information on how to serve on the Missionary Care Team.


Missionary Advocate Teams

We are in the process to create Missionary Advocate Teams (MAT’s) for each of our missionary units.  In a sentence, these teams, each with a point person will care for and represent our missionary units by praying, contextually communicating, promoting, debriefing and listening to them.  

Click here to find more information about the MAT’s or go to our page of supported missionaries.  Please contact Jeremy Griffin at if you are interested in serving on one of these MAT’s.


Support a Church Planter


With every $2,400 given to India Gospel League, you can support one church planter for two years, helping him to plant (at least) two churches and then becoming self-sufficient through the support of the churches he has planted.


With every $1,000 gift to New Life Faith Ministries (NLFM), you can support one evangelist/disciple-maker to start a small business that will help him to become self-sufficient and would not need any support to minister within his own community to start faith communities among Muslims. The goal is also to generate enough income to pay back the $1,000 to NLFM within two years.

Please connect with Robin Davis at to get more information about supporting church planters.