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Upcoming Short-Term Outreaches (STOs)

FALL 2018


The partnership team will attend the dedication of a new church building in Abia Province, Nigeria. Additionally, the team will spend time encouraging Nigerian churches with whom Covenant has partnered for over fifteen years.

Dates: November 10-19, 2018

Cost: Approximately $2000.00

Applications due: March 16, including $250 deposit

Application Process


Complete the application through Managed Missions.


Email a photo or scanned copy of your passport to Robin Davis robind@covenant.cc. If you do not yet have your passport, please email Robin the timeline for your passport application.


A $250 deposit will be required. Deposit can be turned in to the main church office if paid by check or cash. This can also be paid online through your Managed Missions account once the application is approved. We also have a text option. Please text “$250 GO” to 252-200-3303.


Complete and email all three questionnaires to Robin Davis at robind@covenant.cc.

Spiritual Gifts

Guilt, Shame, and Fear 

Conflict Mode

Please contact Jeremy Griffin at jeremyg@covenant.cc if you have questions about any of our Short-Term Outreaches or Robin Davis at robind@covenant.cc if you have any questions about the application process.